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Kent and Warren Pietsch (sounds like peach) would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, and thank you for your inquiry.

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Al Pietsch, his family and friends, founded Pietsch Air Shows in 1968. Kent and Warren, Al’s sons, have continued the exciting family oriented air shows. Jelly Belly® now sponsors flying ace Kent Pietsch! Click to view the press release.

Comedy Routine

Kent Pietsch in his 1942 Interstate Cadet, flies a comedy act, which includes extreme maneuvers, such as the aileron falling off in mid air!! In addition, Kent performs a dead stick (total power off) aerobatic routine from an altitude of 6,000 feet. The finale of this performance includes Kent landing in front of the crowd and placing the spinner into the hand of an individual! Kent has thrilled and entertained crowds with this unique act. Everyone with an RV has added aftermarket items to suit their individual taste. Kent has added a runway to the top of his RV and lands on it during his RV Top Landing show. This is one awesome act. While landing on his RV, Kent cannot see the RV, making this landing very difficult.

Air Show Routine

In 1980, Warren Pietsch began to modify his 1946 Taylorcraft, reducing the wingspan 14 feet to become a Clipped-Wing Taylorcraft! He flies an aerobatic routine that is quick, precise and up close. Warren also flies high-energy aerobatics in a home built we call a Schnortenzummer@. The acts have a combination of classic and gyroscopic aerobatic maneuvers. Both acts will demand your attention and leave the crowd wanting more!!

Warren Pietsch in his clipped wing Taylorcraft

Many shows have utilized various combinations of the acts. For your airshow, you may hire one, some, or all of our acts. To schedule a show, please contact us. We hope you will enjoy our site and keep us in mind when planning your next event.

Thank you.

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